Meateyes 2083. A data miner is scouring archival photographic databases in hopes of finding clues of how the world was operating before climate change effects were irreversible and why preventative measures were not taken.

Meateyes provides a glimpse of this search as the miner accesses a historic fonds series of the Toronto Archives, refines their search parameters to narrow the query results and extracts data with machine learning/processing software.

The short film was produced using MS DOS text for the archive database interface, medium format photography for archived (original) images, digitally manipulated images representative of machine learning/processing software (facial recognition, geometric/biometric analysis), and distorted deep bass audio rips.

Meateyes is referencing Operational Images (2013) by Trevor Paglen as well as Harun Farocki’s Eye / Machine series (2001-2003).

For On Ghost Images 2019-20, Instructor: Petros Babasikas